Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Superpoints Ect

Superpoints and other sites like it the ones that have pay to click referrals and offers like surveys. Many of these sites are not worth the hassle but there are a select few which are meaningful sites worth making money from like Superpoints. The most effective way to make money from these sites in my personal opinion is called trying before buying. The process to do this is to

Step 1 - look at the high paying offers on Superpoints for example there is Netflix, Equifax, ect

Step 2- filter the offers into ones that have trials many will have 7-30 day trials these are the ones that you are looking for

Step 3- Sign up for these and try before buying anything if you really like whatever you are getting i would suggest staying for it but if it wasn't really worth that much to you quit

Step 4- Quit them if you don't like them you will probably earn 8-15 dollars just for signing up for it anyway so it was well worth the hassle anyway.( this is completely legal which is why they call it a trial I have tried this before).

Step 5- Earn your winning to your Paypal  and bask in your new found small income


  1. I'm new to this blogging thing, so thanks!

  2. Nice post man why didn't I think of that lol, thanks for sharing!