Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Today I am coming here to explain to the people who might see this blog and tell them how they should go about earning money from PTC.

To begin you can always press your little clicks for the day and be on your marry way you will make a little money that will cash out from time to time. But this is the problem its very slow and most people don't realize that there is a much more simple way to go about making money from these sites is to get referrals because all of the money that people make from PTC is from getting hundreds if not thousands of referrals so what your going to need to learn is how to get referrals.
The first thing that your going to do is to sign up for the PTC site that you think is the best i would suggest one out of the ones i posted earlier.
The second thing that your going to want to do is to test out the site make sure it is up to your standards make sure it looks nice so your referrals will like it.
The third thing that your going to want to do is to shorten your referral link and make it look more sleek and nice i would suggest the website
The fourth thing that i would suggest doing is posting your referral link not just randomly on sites but the place i would start is social networking tell your friends about all the money your making with the site and how great it is and whatnot until they ask you what the site is and then give them your ref link so they will sign up under you.
The second place i would really suggest going into is a forum and really finding a way to just sell it to all of the forum members so they even think its a good idea i normally find what there niche is and then try to work off of that point and tell them how it would be such a great idea for them to sign up to this site because not only would it help them use there time on something productive they could spend money on what they really like to do.

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