Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The trusted sites

First thing you need to know are the Trusted PTC sites is that you can make a lot of money from using them i already make $30 a day from these simple sites the main thing is not the clicking its getting referrals who do the clicking for you.

Trusted sites for this are:

Pays you through Paypal or alertpay you
earn $0.02 every click you make and $0.02 every click your ref's make

For normal members you get
$0.01 for normal clicks
$0.005 for ref clicks
Need $9 to payout

if you upgrade
$0.015 for normal clicks and
$0.01 for ref clicks
min payout drops to $2

You get 0.005 for every click you can get refs
There are a lot of ads on this site because it is so cheap
Paypal or Alertpay to payout

On this site you get 0.001 per click but You also get 

Paid to read 
Paid to sign up
Traffic exchanges
PTP $0.10 CPM
1 dollar min payout 
10% downline earnings

Get paid to click Upto $0.001
Get paid to read Upto $0.001
Get paid to promote
Get paid to sign up over 40 ads
$1 payout 10% referral earnings 

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